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MIA-M: Pro Gallery


MIA-M Percutaneous Annuloplasty System for Mitral Repair

The MIA-M Percutaneous Annuloplasty System for mitral regurgitation is used to place permanent cardiac implants into the mitral annulus of patients who suffer from ≥ Grade 2 functional mitral regurgitation, for the purpose of reducing the mitral annulus to reconfigure abnormal valve geometry that is causing dysfunction. The implants, when properly deployed, modify the geometry of the mitral annulus to reduce the size of the valve orifice and restore leaflet coaptation. Micro Interventional Devices has developed the MIA-M transcatheter procedure that allows the physician to implant the components of the MIA-M System using a closed chest, beating heart, transcatheter technique via a transvenous, transseptal approach through the femoral vein.


The MIA-M system utilizes the same proprietary delivery system and implant as the MIA-T system.  The objective is to shorten the learning curve with a smooth transition from tricuspid valve repair procedures to mitral valve repair procedures.  

The First in Human use of the MIA-M system is anticipaed in 2024.  MIA-M is an Investigational Device ONLY.

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