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Improving Quality of Life

through Transcatheter Cardiac Repair (TCR)

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Micro Interventional Devices (MID) is a privately held medical device company that designs, manufactures and commercializes disruptive catheter-based technologies for the treatment of structural heart disease.


The MIA-T Percutaneous Tricuspid Annuloplasty System for the treatment of Tricuspid Regurgitation

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MID develops Transcatheter Cardiac Repair (TCR) technologies that eliminate the need for cardiopulmonary bypass.

The Company strives to improve structural heart disease outcomes for the:


Patient: Through less invasive and less morbid procedures.

Surgeon/Interventionalist: Through technology that improves outcomes, reduces operative time and/or improves ease of use.

Healthcare Network: Through cost effective technologies that reduce operative time while exceeding surgical and/or interventional performance criteria.


MIA-T Is an Investigational Device ONLY

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