Micro Interventional Devices, Inc. utilizes proprietary, rapid-deployment PolyCor anchoring technology. Our revolutionary technology allows surgeons to perform procedures for structural heart procedures as minimally invasive procedures instead of using open surgical techniques.


PolyCor is a compliant, soft-tissue anchor that is delivered to a procedural specific target site and deployed at high velocities to replicate surgical procedures remotely on the end of a catheter.  

Products In Development:


•   Permaseal Transapical Access and Closure Device

    Facilitating transapical access and closure for catheter-based      



•   Permavalve Mitral Valve Replacement

    Percutaneous mitral valve with active fixation.


•   MIA Mitral/Tricuspid Valve Repair

    Percutaneous mitral valve and tricuspid valve annuloplasty device.


•   Early Stage Development Products

    MID's product portfolio is extensive. Active fixation in PFO, LVAD         cuff, EVAR, and more.  This is only the tip of the iceberg!



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