MIA is MID's transcatheter tricuspid annuloplasty product designed to replicate surgical tricuspid valve repair remotely. The catheter-based system provides a customizable number of implants deployed to the target annulus, allowing surgeons and interventionalists to cater the procedure to each individual paitents' needs.

MIA Product Attributes:


•   MyoLast™: Proprietary Thermoplastic Elastomer

•   Compliant anchors more durable than stainless steel “coils”

•   Ultra low mass anchors clinically effective in cardiac tissue

•   MIA Catheter-based delivery system includes a steerable

    sleeve and delivery catheter

MIA™ - Minimally Invasive Annuloplasty Technology for Tricuspid Repair

CAUTION – Investigational Device Only.  Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

CAUTION – For Clinical Research ONLY. This device is NOT CE-marked and is to be used in Clinical Research Only.


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