Micro Interventional Devices, Inc. utilizes proprietary, rapid-deployment PolyCor™ anchoring technology. Our revolutionary technology allows surgeons and interventionalists to perform procedures that require transapical or transfemoral access and closure in minimally invasive or percutaneous procedures instead of using open surgical techniques.


PolyCor is a compliant, soft-tissue anchor that is delivered to a procedural specific target site and deployed at high velocities to replicate surgical procedures remotely on the end of a catheter.  

Access and Closure

Permaseal™ Product Line:


  Permaseal Transapical Access and Closure Device

    Facilitating transapical access and closure for catheter-      

    based procedures. FDA Cleared to Market and CE Mark



•   Permaseal UAC - TA*

    Percutaneous transapical access and closure. 


•   Permaseal UAC - TF*

    Percutaneous transfemoral access and closure.



*CAUTION – Investigational Device Only.  Limited by Federal (or United States) law to investigational use.

*CAUTION – For Clinical Research ONLY. This device is NOT CE-marked and is to be used in Clinical Research Only.


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